How to add Auto Captions in TikTok Video 2024


Captions are too good when it comes to grab attention, especially in shorts, reels etc. AI is so popular these days now you can add auto captions in TikTok video on a single click.

What if I tell you that you can now generate Urdu Captions in TikTok video? Sounds good? I know many people love to make poetry in Urdu. So guys, you are gonna love this one for sure.

Ok, so the very first step is to choose a right app from hundreds of apps out there, that fits to your requirements.
Users reviews can help you save your time in downloading and testing. Reviews give good insights for an app.

After testing and researching on internet, I have come up with this app that seems to help in generating auto captions for many content creators out there. The App name is “Captions” and guess what, it generates captions automatically if your video is in Urdu language.
Yes you can also add Urdu text manually by yourself. You know captions can make a video attractive as audience got stick to the video.

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Auto Captions in TikTok Video

So, you have recorded your video in Urdu, right?
And now, it will take you too much time, to  generate manual captions in Urdu for this video, right?

You don’t have to worry about captions now, because this app named “Captions” will do all the heavy lifting for you and you can save this time to do some other stuff, maybe go make a thumbnail for your video until captions are being generated. Anyways, its up to you.

Now, before going further in this tutorial, Let me know you that this application is available on just iPhone so Android users should wait for the update by the, Get the app from Appstore or you can have the link here:

App for iPhone

How to add Urdu/English Captions

So, I am gonna tell you how you can generate auto captions for your video within a minute.
You just have to follow steps down below:

  1. Installing application: Click the link above to install this app on your Phone.
  2. Selecting Your Video: Open your app, and click on “create” and after that, just import your video you just recorded in Urdu language.
  3. Customization Options: Now simply just select the spoken language and then select Urdu in order to generate captions for your video automatically.
  4. Translating: Now press translate. Let it take its time to generate captions automatically for you.
  5. Final Results: And here you go, after some time, your captions are auto generated. You can save your video.

So, this is it how you can easily generate captions quickly.

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This auto captions generating feature transforms the captions working process into a smooth and enjoyable experience.
By using these types of applications, you can quickly enhance your content and your game at same time.
Meanwhile this app generates captions for you, you can work on some other things from your “To-Do List“.

I am sure, you will love this app when your time is being saved and your workflow is being improved. So, keep working smartly.

With this simple tutorial, using a captions app on your Phone, you can make awesome captions without any manual work.
Improve your social media game, impress your friends on TikTok or Instagram, and do it all on your Phone.

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