Best AI Photo Editing Apps 2024


Ai is very trendy these days specially in content creation. In graphics designing AI is also very much used as AI Portraits, Image generation, AI Avatars are created. Moreover the movie makers are also using AI to generate scenes for shooting and storyboarding.

People need more cool ways to make their photos better, and these apps use artificial intelligence to do amazing edits. Nowadays, AI is on peak, you guys know that.

So, let’s check out some of the best AI editing apps, and see who AI is improving and doing the work efficiently.

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Why AI in Photo Editing

AI helps a lot in making photos better. It can fix colors, add cool effects, and make editing way easier than the usual tools. When picking an AI app, look for ones with awesome filters, easy-to-use designs, and that work with different kinds of pictures.

Best AI Photo Editing Apps

Here are the best AI photo editing apps that most trending and useful:

  1. Prisma
  2. Adobe Photoshop Express
  3. FaceApp
  4. PicsArt


For Everyone Snapseed is great for both beginners and pros. It has lots of editing options and cool filters, making it an effective choice. Here are links to get App on Android and App on iPhone.

Snapseed is popular because of its unique features like

  • Lens Blur
  • Glamour Glow
  • Users love how precise it is
  • Turning regular photos into amazing stories


Prisma turns your photos into art with its special filters. It’s like adding a unique touch to your pictures, making them look like real artworks. Here are links to get App on Android and App on iPhone.

Prisma is very well know when it comes to artistic conversion of images due to its artistic filters. It makes photos look like famous art styles, adding a creative touch to the editing process.

Adobe Photoshop Express

If you want professional editing on your Android, go for Adobe Photoshop Express. It has powerful tools and is still easy to use, can you believe it guys.

Here are links to get App on Android and App on iPhone.

Adobe Photoshop Express brings serious editing tools to your phone. It’s a perfect choice for photographers who want control on editing in mobile.


Fun Editing FaceApp is not just for serious AI Photo editing; it’s also fun. You can change your age or gender and play around with lots of cool filters. Here are links to get App on Android and App on iPhone.

FaceApp is fun and functional. People enjoy playing with:

  • Age transformations
  • Making editing a fun experience
  • Different filters and effects in app

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PicsArt is more than just a photo editor. It has a collage maker and connects with social media. Here are links to get App on Android and App on iPhone.

PicsArt is more than a regular photo editor. With a collage maker and links to social media, it’s a space for creative expression. Users say it helps them bring out their artistic side very easily.

In the end, AI makes profile picture editing more personal. It improves facial features and adds special effects, making sure your profile pictures stand out and leave a lasting impression. As technology gets better, AI will have more exciting things.

To sum it up, AI photo editing apps give you lots of choices. Whether you love taking photos or just want to add something special to them, these apps let you express yourself.

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