How To Generate AI Portraits on a Single Click


You know almost every social media user has used AI portrait effect on TikTok. AI Portraits are trending on TikTok and Instagram reels right. To generate ai portraits you need help of AI, so here you will get an app that can don on single click..

Some of them have already used it and some of them want to use this now. And many content creators out there are have made tutorial about this effect. But people really don’t how to create it so here in the article it is to be discussed.

If you are one of them who doesn’t know any prompts that are used to generate AI Portraits. Then no worries here you will get the app on which you just have to click on the template, there you go, you got the AI generated portrait.

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Best AI Portraits Generating App

There are many applications out there on play store and app store. I know many of you have used many different apps.

But, not every single application does this AI portrait effect in right way. They might lose some details. Reviews and ratings on play store and app store are very helpful when it comes to find perfect application.

So, the application that I will use, is Linpo. Best thing of this application is there are different styles portraits available. It means you are not limited to only one single portrait effect.

Why I am using Linpo application is, this is very easy to use, its interface is optimized for every single type of end user. Also, this application provides many variations from AI portrait effect.

You can check from many of portrait effects and select your favorite one. You can find all these portraits on homepage, so its very easy to use it. This application is available on both platforms like Android and iOS that means you can get this app from Platsore or Appstore or you have the links in the article:

App for Android

App for iPhone

How to Create a AI Portrait

Now, lets start from tutorial. I will tell you how to use this effect from start to end.

To do so, lets follow these steps down below:

  1. After installing this application open it and you will see a variation of different style portraits.
  2. Now, simply select your picture on which you want to apply AI portrait effect on.
  3. Now, please note, it will take some time to apply this AI portrait effect to your picture.
  4. Once it is done with this, press save and you will see many options.
  5. Here you go. Your portrait is ready.
  6. Video saved in gallery. You can upload it to your profiles.

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This is it. This is how you can easily make AI portrait of your picture. It was easy, right?
Yes, you can do the same AI portrait effect with any other application, yes it is possible. But, this application performs best for many people out there.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any question, just let me know in the comments down below.

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