Helicopter Background By Hamza APK

Hellicopter Background Hamza APK

Helicopter background by Hamza APK is super popular on TikTok. People love to make their background look awesome, especially if they want to change from a boring one. You can have to place your simple photo within the background as it is very easy to do that. you can remove the background in photo room or picsart.

Many of you are asking for this helicopter background so here you can download this background.

Helicopter Background By Hamza APK

Hamza APK made this amazing helicopter background on TikTok and it’s already super popular. Lots of people are asking about it, so here you can download the background. You can use the cutout option in capcut to remove the background.

This background is usually for video editing but you can take screen shot then place your image to edit your image as well.

How to shoot video?

It is crucial to take good shots when you want to change your background. Follow some easy steps to make these kinds of videos.

  • Use a stable tripod to record the video.
  • Try to shoot the video in front of clean wall
  • Wear cloths that are matching with the background.

How to change background for video or photo

You can remove the background of a video and video using apps on both Android and iPhone. One cool app for this is CapCut for video editing and you can use photo room app to convert your image into png.

Steps you have to follow to remove the background of a video:

  1. Import your video to CapCut app
  2. Navigate to the “Cutout” section.
  3. Then choose “Remove BG”
  4. Auto removal.
  5. That’s all!

Steps for Photo Background removal:

  1. import your image to PhotoRoom app
  2. It will automatically remove the background
  3. Save in PNG form.
  4. Transparent image will be saved

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How to add Helicopter editing Background

You can have to remove the background of the video that is explained before then you follow several steps:

  1. Go to Upper layer and click on + button in VN App
  2. Select stock
  3. Select your sky footage
  4. Adjust with video
  5. Adjust colors with your sky
  6. That’s it.

How to download Car Blast Background

You can download the car blast background by hamza apk which is free to use by clicking the button given below:


By follow these steps you can remove your background and apply any background moreover you can add overlays that are provided on this website.


Visit hamzaapk.com for cool backgrounds and popular capcut templates that everyone is talking about on social media. Explore a variety of backgrounds created by hamza zohaib. Additionally, find editing apps that can make video editing a breeze. I hope this info is useful for you. Stay tuned to our website for more awesome editing content!

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