How to add DSLR Background Blur in videos


Many of you have not a DSLR camera because of that you may have not background blur in your videos. iPhone introduce cinematic mode in it’s Pro versions and that are pretty expensive. It’s true that DSLR background blur looks cinematic and here in this article we will achieve that without buying an expensive camera or mobile.

There is an app that is very trendy and useful when it comes to blur your video background. You can achieve this on a single click as this is the Era of AI (Artificial Intelligence), video editing apps are using this now.

This app will detect the edges of character and then apply the DSLR Blur effect into it. Moreover this app is capable of doing basic and advance video editing in your phone.

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Useability of App

This app is quite useful named PrettyUp, this is available on both devices Android and iPhone. On this app you have to select your footage that you want to be like DSLR video, on a single click you can add background blur.

Best App for Video Background Blur

PrettyUp is the app which is used to blur your video background. Video editing is very easy as you open the app, all of the features are in front of you. You retouch your face like smoothing it. Enhance your video quality and edit photos also with this app is possible.

AI Portraits are very trendy these days on social media. This app make it possible to do that in a single click. PrettyUp is now using AI to edit efficiently.

This app is very useful for women, This have beautiful features like face smoothing, Eye lashes, face powder, Lipstick etc. Presets are there fore women like beauty effects on single click.

Some of the basic feature like crop. text, remove video background. emojis, audio effects and much more. This app is full of AI features. A full editing app in your phone that can replace your system software.

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Let’s talk about the main feature which is cinematic DSLR Blur Background effect. PrettyUp is viral on TikTok, Hamza Zohaib, Pabbi King, Zee Editor, Gulraiz, SG Editor uses this app pretty much.

This app is available on Android and iPhone, you can get this from Appstore and Playstore or links are provided in the article:

App for Android

App for iPhone

Adding DSLR Blur Effect to your video is now very easy with PrettyUp app.

How to add DSLR Background Blur in videos

Adding Cinematic DSLR background blur is very trendy these days. HDR effect is also very popular. Now let’s start the tutorial:

  1. Install the app from Playstore or Appstore.
  2. Open the app, create new project.
  3. Import your video into the app.
  4. Select your video, Auto Blur will appear.
  5. Click on Auto Blur Feature.
  6. Now there are different blur types, select you want.
  7. There you go, background is blurred.
  8. Congratulation! Your video is ready!

By following these simple steps you can add DSLR like Blur into your videos.

I hope this article helps you a lot to improve video quality. Add cinematic background blur like DSLR for free with PrettyUp. Social media platforms viral the videos that are high quality.

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