How to Switch Language On Samsung Keyboard

Switch Language on Samsung keyboard means to change the language to your device or app. You can choose a new language for your device or keyboard to understand and use when you type or display things. These things that you can do on your devices just like computers, laptops, tabs as well as smartphones.

Switching language on the Samsung Keyboard is the capability to change the language settings of the keyboard on Samsung devices. It allows users to easily type in different languages or switch between various keyboard layouts. This feature enables users to communicate effectively in multiple languages without the need to manually adjust theย  language settings of device.

Two General Keys For Keyboard

There are two general keys that you can activate on your device easily. ย these are given below:

  1. Language Key
  2. Space Key

1. Language Key

The language key is also known as the language switch key or the globe icon that is a key on the keyboard of your mobile phone or other devices. It allows you to quickly switch between different languages or keyboard layouts. When you tap on the language key then a menu will typically appears that display the available languages or keyboard options. Then you can select the desired language from this menu to change the language settings of your keyboard and it makes you capable to type in different languages or input methods.

2. Space Key

The space key is the large button on your keyboard that you click to create a space between words while typing. with this button, you can change the keyboard language in seconds. You have to press this button right to left or left to right so your keyboard language will change into other language in this way.

Using Procedure to Switch Language On Samsung Keyboard

I will guide you how to switch your language on Samsung keyboard. But make sure that two major keys are activated in your keyboard. Must follow these steps and these are given below:

  1. Open Keyboard: When you need to type something such as composing a message or typing in a search bar then the Samsung Keyboard will appear on your screen.
  2. Access Language Key: Look for the language key or the globe icon on the keyboard. It is usually located near the space bar or in the bottom row of keys.
  3. Tap the Language Key: Tap on the language key or globe icon. This action will bring up a menu that will show the available languages or keyboard layouts.
  4. Select Language: Tap on the language you want to switch from the language menu that appears. This will change the language settings of your keyboard.
  5. Start Typing: Once you have selected the desired language then you can start typing in that language. The keyboard will adjust to the selected language and provides you with the appropriate characters and autocorrect options.
  6. Switch Back: It is optional that if you need to switch back to your original language and repeat the same process and select it from the language menu.

Benefits Of Switching Language On Samsung Keyboard

  • Multilingual Typing: You can easily switch between different languages and it allows you to communicate more effectively with different people who speak different languages.
  • Efficiency: If you can speak more than one language then changing languages on the keyboard is quicker and easier for you than changing the whole keyboard setup or how you type.
  • Accurate Predictions: Many keyboard apps including Samsung Keyboard, offer predictive text and autocorrect features customized to each language. Switching languages make sure more accurate predictions and corrections.
  • Comfortable Typing: If you are more comfortable typing in a particular language or layout for certain tasksย  such as typing in your native language or using a specific layout for special characters then you can easily switch to it.
  • Increased Productivity: Being able to switch languages can increase your productivity without any resistance especially if you frequently communicate in multiple languages or switch between languages for different tasks.
  • Language Learning: Switching languages on the keyboard can be a helpful tool for practicing typing in a new language and strengthen vocabulary and spelling skills for language learners.

Overall, the ability to switch languages on the Samsung Keyboard enhances versatility, efficiency and comfort in typing and complete the different language needs of users.

Language Change Not Working : Solutions

If you face several kinds of difficulties so you can solve it by following these steps carefully. Theses steps are given below:

  1. Go to Mobile Settings: Navigate to the settings menu of your mobile phone.
  2. Adjust Language Settings: Search for “Language & input” or a similar option in your settings menu and make sure that you select the correct languages for your keyboard.
  3. Restart Your Device: Restart your device. Sometimes this simple action can resolve your various issues.
  4. Check for Updates: Go to the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store and search for the latest version of the Samsung Keyboard app. If the update is available then update it.
  5. Clear Keyboard Cache: Find the option to clear the caches of the Samsung Keyboard in your mobile settings.
  6. Reinstall and Update the App: Uninstall the Samsung Keyboard app from your device and then reinstall it from the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store and make sure that it is updated to the latest version or not.
  7. Reset Keyboard to Default Settings: Reset your keyboard to its default settings through your device’s settings menu.
  8. Seek Further Assistance: If none of the previous steps resolve the issue then consider reaching out to Samsung support or searching for assistance online.

By following these steps, you can resolve your various issues related to the Samsung Keyboard on your mobile phone.


Switching languages on the Samsung Keyboard is very simple and easy. It allows you to type in different languages without any resistance that are making it easier to talk to people who speak different languages. You can type more accurately and comfortably with just a quick switch. Whether you know multiple languages or are learning a new one but this feature helps you a lot to type faster and communicate better with everyone.

I am pretty sure that this article will be proved very beneficial as well as helpful for you. If you have to face any issue and you need clarification about app so you can ask query in comment section.

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