How To Use Trending Fonts for Captions 2024


We all know the importance of fonts when working on captions for our videos. Many content creators on the internet, use some trending fonts for captions. Even many Ads agencies use captions to grab a user’s attention.

We can use these fonts for different kinds of purposes, like:

  • Creating WhatsApp status
  • Creating captions for videos
  • Writing on photos

Everyone wants to edit his photo or video and get best results with fonts.

That is why, in this article, I will be showing you some new and best stylish fonts out there in the market, that you can use for your content. All of these are new and not old fonts, you will definitely love them. Let’s check them out.

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Get These Fonts

There are tons of fonts that we see on the internet and all of them look very good when we see them. Some of them are specific to a niche, like a font can only be used for food niche and not for photo editing niche.

So, you can select font of your choice from these fonts that I am gonna provide you. Once you download these fonts, you can use any of it for your photo or video according to your niche or your requirement.

Best thing is, I will provide you with both, English and Urdu fonts.

English Fonts

Urdu Fonts

How to Use These Fonts

Trending Fonts for Captions On Mobile Phone

Before you follow these steps, very first thing to do is to donwload these fonts from the link provided above.

Once donwloaded, then extract that zip file on your phone. You can do so in your file manager, your phone will provide option to extract zip file.

Once extracted, follow these steps:

  1. Go to editing app, open it where you want to add fonts.
  2. Next, press “Add Text” and then press “Add Font”.
  3. Then, you will all fonts, you need to select the one you downloaded and want to use.
  4. Now, here you go. You are free to use any of the font for your photo or video.

These are the simple steps from start to end, from downloading to adding font, to your video or photo.

Trending Fonts for Captions On Desktop

As, we have seen very simple steps to add font in mobile phone, whether we want to use it on our photo or video, it does not matter.

We can not only use these fonts for mobile but also for desktop, there is no limitation on it. So, lets check out how we can use these fonts on your desktop.

Very first steps are the same, download the font you love and want to use on your desktop. Once downloaded, then right click on the folder and extract it. You will see an option to extract it.

After extracting, there is an extra step that we will follow to use these fonts on desktop, and that is to install font. Double click on the file, and press install. Install all of the variations if there are any of them.

Once installed all variations, these fonts are added to your machine now. You can now use it in any software you want to. It will be there by default. Sounds good, right?

That’s it for now. I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any question, just let me know in the comments down below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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