Trending TikTok Sky Background By Hamza APK

Trending Sky Background Hamza APK

The “Trending TikTok Sky Background by Hamza APK” is trending on TikTok. The users can easily change their dull backgrounds to a stunning sky background. People are loving the impressive visual effects. Millions of views already got on this type of editing VFX video. It’s an amazing choice for those looking to add excitement to their editing and generate their videos stand out on TikTok.

Majority of people are asking for this sky background so here you can download this background.

Trending TikTok Sky Background

There is an awesome sky background created by the Hamza APK on TikTok and it’s blowing up. Mostly people want to get your hands on it, so here you go. You can download this fantastic sky background and use it in your TikTok videos.

How to shoot video for this kind of Editing

Shooting is very important when it comes to replace your background. There are several steps to follow as well as create these types of videos.

  • Make sure to use A Tripod Stand to shoot the video.
  • Sky Background should be more in the shot.
  • Avoid wear blue or white cloths during shoot otherwise it will blend with the sky.
  • Shoot the video with clear sky for the best results.

How to remove background from a video

You can remove the background of a video using apps on both Android and iPhone. CapCut is the best app for this purpose.

Steps you have to follow to replace the background:

  1. Bring your video into the VN App.
  2. ย Go to “Chroma Key.”
  3. Use the Colour Picker to choose the sky colour.
  4. ย Increase the amount.
  5. ย Watch the sky disappear.
  6. .You’re done!

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How to apply Sky Video Background

You can have to replace the background of the video that is explained already then you follow several steps:

  1. Open VN App and go to the upper layer, then tap the + button.
  2. Choose “stock.”
  3. Pick your sky footage.
  4. Adjust it to fit your video.
  5. Match the colours with your video.
  6. It’s Done!

How to download Trending TikTok Sky Video

You can download the sky background by hamza apk that is free to use by clicking the button given below:

Download button by hamza apk

By follow these steps you can replace your background and apply any background as your choice. Moreover you can add overlays that are provided on this website.


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