How To Transparent Phone Effect: Easy Tutorial

transparent phone effect

Many people don’t know how to apply transparent phone effect. Tech Burner is an Indian YouTuber and he made transparent mobile phone many days ago. After this, he made world’s number one transparent mobile phone. This thing make his mobile different and expensive. I’ll teach you how to convert your phone in transparent mobile phone. I have tried it already.

In transparent phone effect , you can see background and something else through your mobile screen. You can see anything clearly on the other side. No hurdles can’t stop you to see across.

Now I’ll tell you about an app which can convert your mobile phone into transparent live wallpaper. By using this app, you can make transparent mobile phone easily. This app is available on Play store.

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Features of Transparent Phone Effect App

There are some amazing features in this app. These features are given below:

  • Transparent Screen Effect: The primary feature of this app is to overlay a realistic looking transparent effect on your phone screen that gives the appearance that you can see through the device.
  • Adjustable Transparency Levels: Users can typically adjust the transparency level of the effect to make it more or less convincing that is depending on their preferences.
  • Simulated Background: This app may offers the option to choose a simulated background image or use the camera of device to capture the background behind the phone that can enhance the illusion of transparency.
  • Interactive Touch Response: This app allows users to interact with the transparent screen such as tapping or swiping to create the impression of functioning through the transparent display.
  • Prank: This transparent phone effect app has a prank in it through which the users play tricks on friends or family by pretending their phone screen is transparent.
  • Customization Options: Users of this app have the ability to customize different aspects of the transparent effect such as colour, transparency gradient or background image to suit their preferences.
  • Share and Record: This app allows users to capture screenshots or record videos of the transparent screen effect in action which can be shared with others for entertainment purposes.

Overall the Transparent Phone Effect Prank app is designed to provide users with a fun and entertaining way to prank friends or simply create a cool visual effect on their phone screen.

Pros and Cons

There are some pros and cons of this app. Pros are given below:

  • Transparent live wallpaper makes your mobile phone different, attractive and unique. As well as wallpaper reflects your style, character and mood.
  • You can see your icons and widgets on your transparent Home Screen easily.
  • This app gives you a platform for artistic expression, effects, colors and designs.
  • It provides a source of fun and entertainment that allows users to play pranks on friends or family and create funny and unexpected situations.
  • This app makes your phone usage more fun by creating a cool vision of a see through screen. It is a unique conversation starter and a fun way to impress friends with your device.
  • Users can exercise their creativity by experimenting with different backgrounds, transparency levels and interactive features to enhance the illusion and make it more convincing.
  • Pranking friends or family with the transparent screen effect can lead to laughter and social interactionand it helps people feel closer and more connected to each other.
  • Using the app can provide a temporary escape from stress or boredom by offering a playful and fun distraction.
  • Using the app might make some people feel more creative and encourage them to come up with fresh ideas or see things in a different way.
  • This transparent phone effect prank app is available for free and it is making the fun in a wide audience without requiring any financial investment.

Now I’ll tell you cons of this app  and these are given below:

  •  People might misunderstand the prank and think that the user is being dishonest and user is leading to potential misunderstandings or trust issues.
  • If used irresponsibly or inappropriately then the prank could potentially cause harm or embarrassment to others particularly if they believe the illusion to be real.
  • Although fun but this app is mostly just for laughs and it does not have many real uses.
  • Running the app especially if it involves the use the camera of device or other features it may contribute to increased battery usage and shorter battery life.
  • Compatibility Issues: This Transparent Phone Effect Prank app may not work well on some devices or may have compatibility issues with certain operating systems or versions and this app cannot use in old version phones.
  • Using this app may involve granting permissions for accessing the camera of device or other features that can raise potential privacy concerns about data usage or misuse.

How To Install This App

  • Open Google Play Store on your device.
  • Search for Transparent Phone Effect Prank App.
  • Find the app.
  • Select and Install the app.
  • Open the app and enjoy it.

Here is a link of this application through which you can download this app from Google Play Store in Android Device. This application is only available in Android Mobile Phones.


App for Android

Get Transparent Phone Effect

Follow some steps and convert your mobile screen into transparent. These steps are given below:

  • First of all, install the app from Play store and open it.
  • Secondly, click on transparent wallpaper and give all permissions to it.
  • Thirdly, click on “set wallpaper” then choose Home Screen and Lock Screen.
  • Fourthly, you have to go to Home Screen then convert your mobile phone into transparent effect.

Tech Burner has paid 50 lakh money for making his mobile transparent. But you can convert your mobile into transparent without wasting your money. If you will follow these steps then you can get transparent mobile phone.

I hope this article will help you to apply transparent phone effect. If you face any difficulty during applying transparent effect then you can ask questions about it in comment section.

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