What is Capcut And How To Use It?

how to use capcut Hamza APK

CapCut is like this super popular thing on TikTok right now. It allows you to make awesome videos with cool effects and features. It is really easy to use. You can add music, text, and even use your own photos and videos to make your content totally unique and attractive.

It is a best way to show off your creativity, skills and make different to yourself from the other people. If you are the person who making short and fun videos then CapCut is definitely best app for you to become professional. So, in this article i will tell you that What is Capcut and How to Use It.

What is CapCut

CapCut is an video editing app which is developed by Bytedance the parent company of TikTok. This application is an amazing video editor with pro level features for free. There you can see multiple effects, animations, and 3D AI Features,

how to use capcut Hamza APK

In the picture you can see the pro features and effects that can be applied to your videos. You can now also edit your photos on it. This app can make your work very easy. CapCut also offers Templates that are pre-built. By using capcut templates you can select photo or video to create your video on a single click.

Advantanges Of Capcut

If you want to start making awesome videos the you must try out CapCut video editing application. It is this super cool video editing tool that is perfect for making attractive and affective videos for TikTok and other social media platforms. It is really easy to use, simple user interface and it has a lot of features in it to make your videos super, awesome as well as professional. There are some advantages of this application that make it different from other apps. These advantages are described below:

  • Easy to Use
  • Lots of Cool Features
  • Advanced Tools
  • No Cost Involved

how to use capcut Hamza APK

These are super advantages of this app that attracts its users to itself.

Basic Usage of App

Steps: These are some simple and easy steps through which you know that How To Use It.Β Must follow these steps to use Capcut:

  1. First of all Download the app
  2. Open the CapCut app on your device.
  3. Choose the video clipΒ thatΒ you want to edit from your gallery or library.
  4. Once your video is loaded, you’ll see a timeline at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Drag and drop effects or transitions onto the timeline to add them.
  6. Trim or split your video clips by dragging the boundaries on the timeline.
  7. When you are done editing then click the export button in the top right corner to save your video clip.
  8. Now your video has ready.

CapCut Vs. Computer Software

CapCut is very special software when it comes to video editing, As there are most famous software for pc named Adobe After effects and Premiere Pro. But trust me guys this app can replace your pro level software. This app provides all of the features that are offered by Premiere pro moreover after effects features.

For these pro level softwares you need to learn these first and also have a pc or laptop with high-end features. As compared to that for capcut you just need a good phone with good processor to hold it. This app can elevate your videos in a easy manor.

Touch screen is very easy and user friendly to use. So workflow as compared to work on PC is very fast. You can tap the screen much faster moreover work area is small so you can do things alot easier.

Usability in Comparison of Professional Software

Capcut app is not just free but very useful when it comes to usability. The dashboard or you can say the work space of software is very complex and also you have to do all the editing manually. For example you have if you want to add an animation on the video. You have to work with script or animating your video. Whereas CapCut provides you built-in animations.

You can apply the animations on any video on a single click which is very convenient to use.

How to Use CapCut?

AS discussed that capcut is very easy to use. All of the options and menu in front of you when you open the capcut. You can add overlays, effects and much more.

In the image you can watch the timeline and effects that are provided. You can split, control the audio of the sound, add animations to the clip or speed ramp your video. Moverover you can change the background of your footage, duplicate it, add 3D effects, and also color grade your footage easily.

Text and Captions:

Now in capcut you can add text to your videos. CapCut is now very advance as it launches the feature to generate auto captions. That are quite handy when it comes to workflow as you can just click the auto captions. It will generate on singlei clicl.

You can also add manual captions by writing on the screen frame by frame. It is time taking but yeah totally worth it.

There are a bunch of effects and settings for text to edit. You can have trending ot title based styles and designs.

You can add animations to your text which is very easy in capcut but in software it’s very hard to do that because you have to do animation. And take time of hours but on capcut just click on the selected animation. Good to go. you can add bubbles effect or other effects that are given in the app. You can have different color of text for caption. Even the most trending fonts are aslo given.

Exporting in CapCut

You can select the resolution of your video to export. Now you can easily drag the slider what quality you need and frame rates also. In advance feature capcut introduce quality and compression wise exports where you can export high quality videos.

You can export in a video in different resolutions. You can export in 720p as well as upto 4K quality which quite easy just drag the slider.. The quality of video i not go down while exporting.

You will be able to create awesome videos using this app with following these simple steps. So, If you have any query or confusion then you will ask me comment section.

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