How To Edit Youtube Videos In Capcut

Capcut to edit youtube videos Hamza APK

CapCut is like a cool tool for editing videos on YouTube especially if you are just starting  editing on your phone. It is awesome because it is very easy and convenient to use with a simple layout which is best for people who are beginner in editing videos. It makes all the editing process more fun, easy and best. In this article, i will tell you about its features, steps to use and other specification of it then you will now that How To Edit Youtube Videos In Capcut.

Features Of Capcut

If you want to make your videos more fancy like having more control and using advanced tools, CapCut might not have everything you need. But you can switch to desktop to take premium and advanced features. So, this editing application has its basic and best features for its users to make it convenient and easy to use. The features are below:

  • Main Editing Features: You can easily cut, trim, merge clips, add transitions and effects to make cool YouTube videos.
  • Text and Stickers: You can make attractive to your videos by adding text and stickers to make them more fun and informative.
  • Mobile Access: CapCut is a mobile app so you can edit videos wherever you are which is super handy for vloggers and creators who shoot videos on their phones.
  • Audio Editing: You can edit audio, add music, adjust volume, and include voiceovers to make your videos sound awesome with Capcut.
  • Speed Controls: You can control the speed of your videos to create exciting and eye catching content. It is a neat feature for making your videos attractive.

You can download this application from Google Play Store and App Store means this application is available on both Android and iPhone Operating System (iOS). So, you can get easily access to Capcut Application without any charges. It is totally free app. You can easily Edit Youtube Videos In Capcut.

Easy Steps To Use Capcut

There are some easy, convenient and simple steps to use this app to Edit Youtube Videos. These steps are described below:

  1. Open this application.
  2. Import your video clip from your device gallery with Import Video Option.
  3. Arrange your video clips in that sequence which you want.
  4. Now Trim and Cut the video clips according to their need and this step will remove extra spare parts of your video clip that are not useable.

  1. Add Transition Effect between two videos to connect them and make them attractive and smooth.
  2. Add Filter and Effects to increase the quality of your video clip, adjust skin tone and other colour gradings.
  3. Adjust Video Speed from Edit>Speed Option.
  4. Add Music and Sounds in video clip.
  5. Include Text and Stickers to enhance your video clip.
  6. Now your video has ready and Click on Export Option to export it.
  7. Now you can upload your video on Youtube.

Advance Features to Edit YouTube Videos in CapCut

CapCut app provides the most basic features that should be in a video editor but as this app is worth the hype. This app offers alot of features that are just in premium softwares like Adobe After EFfects. But trust me these features that capcut offers are fast and accurate.

  • Face Tracking: To use after effects you should know the proper functioning of After effects software. But to use features like face tracking you just have to import the app and click on track face. The rest of the work CapCut will perform by itself.
  • Animations: To use animations in professional software like Premiere pro is very hard to do because you have to set keyframes in that. But In capcut you just have to go to animation tab and select whatever you want to apply.
  • Background Removal: There is a function to remove the background of any kind of video on a single click. This feature is so much hard when it comes to after effects as you have to roto brush yourself frame by frame. But this amazing app makes it so much easier just to import a video and remove background in no time.
  • Chroma Key: Chroma key is another and greatest tool of this app. You can apply green screens to your footage. Moreover you can remove the background by using this feature on this app.

Capcut to edit youtube videos Hamza APK

  • Slo-Mo Videos: Speed ramp is very important when it comes to video editing or product shoot. You have to manage the speed accordingly. You can add optical flow in normal video to add amazing slow motion effect which is great.
  • Facial Beauty Effects and Filters: This app offers you amazing features where you can soften your skin even you can change the skin tone according to your need. This app is can change the facial parts like manage nose or beauty bones. Moreover there are many filters that can be applied on a video to make it look good.
  • Color Grading: Color grading is also very important thing, this app launches the HSL Effect. You can color grade your footage by using this feature. This can also help to manage your Saturation, Highlights, Shadows, specially all basic things. Like Exposure, Brightness, etc

  • Built-in Sound Effects: CapCut is amazing when it comes to sound effects. you know to elevate your footage, you need to add sound effects and music. CapCut offers you a tone of musical effects and background sounds to work with for free.

Tips and Tricks To Use Capcut

These are some simple tips and tricks to make your experience best. Must follow these Tips and Tricks:

  • Keep Videos Interesting: Your videos must have a good mix of content and visuals to keep viewers engaged.
  • Sound Quality Matters: You must have clear and balanced audio for a more professional video look.
  • Try CapCut Features: Play and experiment with CapCuts tools to find your own editing style.
  • Edit YouTube Videos: CapCut is great for editing both YouTube videos, trendy YouTube Shorts, Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels and TikTok Videos. It is totally free app that is best for your requirement.

I hope this article helps you a lot and if you have any question or confusion you can ask me in comment section.

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