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TikTok is trendy short video platform in the world right now competing YouTube. Voiceover videos like Poetry Videos are liked by people. Poetry videos are trending right now on TikTok and people like it very much.  Because of good reach on these types of videos, it is also very necessary to use best Voiceover app for TikTok videos.

If you are one of them who are searching for Best Voiceover App for TikTok. To create poetry videos, Then you are on right place. After research I got an app that is used by tiktokers to edit their vocals for poetry. If you want that your voice will attract people moreover high quality voice, then this article will help you.

Normally people shoot the video in mobile phone, as open the camera and shoot the video. But when it comes to audio then it is the bad choice to use internal mic of mobile. There will be background noise in the video. May be the voice is not clear.

To remove background noise from audio: Read here

Voiceovers for poetry can add a powerful impact in your work. Whether you are a content creator on TikTok or running a podcast channel on YouTube or any speeches channel, then poetry can enhance the impact of your words.

How to do effective poetry Voiceovers

There are some basics of poetry videos that should be followed through to create emotional attachment with your audience.

  • Expressive Delivery of sentences: you have poetry in written form then practice it with delivering it.
  • Understanding the Mood and Tone: In poetry, it is very important to maintain the mood and tone. The pitch of the voice is so much important when you are doing poetry. To convey proper words and message.
  • Pacing and Rhythm accordingly: The rhythm of the voice is also very important for poetry. People attracts more to your voice when it comes to pacing slowing down or fasting.
  • Clear Words (Pronunciation): Words should clear when you are giving vocals.
  • Match Voice to Poetry Sentences: Voice should not be very loud or low, just according to sentences.
  • Use of Silence: Proper brakes and spaces are very important.
  • Use Background Sounds: Light sound in background can make video more attractive.
  • Record in a Good Environment: Backgrounds noise is natural so record with good quality microphone. Always remove background noise from the video.

Best Voiceover App for TikTok Videos

To record high quality voice in your mobile devices then Voloco Vocal  recording studio is the best voiceover app for TikTok. Not just audio but you can also record HD video in this app. This app provides vocal effects that are more than 50+ and 1000+ beats. Records your voice in the app, and edit it there on clicks. To add any effect you have to choose the effect and single click will create the audio crisp.

There is a tab named “FX” just click on that, a number of effects will appear to use on your video. You can have professional voice by using effects and one the most crazy effect is voice reverse effect.

Enhance Video Quality (HDR EFFECT): Read here

If you want to add EQ on your audio, EQ means equalizer, then you can also do by yourself. As Equalizer is the menu where you can change the tone of your voice, lows and highs of the voice to make it crisp. Moreover, there are built-in equalizer effects that can be applied on single click.

How to Voiceover with Music for Poetry

There are very easy and simple steps that should be followed to edit your voiceover:

  1. Install the app from Playstore or Appstore, and open it.
  2. Click on record voice button, recording will be started.
  3. You can add background music by clicking plus icon.
  4. Record your voice.
  5. Edit professionally according to your need.
  6. Apply effects if you want and then save in file manager.
  7. Your Voiceover is ready!

This app is available on both devices Android and iPhone. You can get it from playstore or appstore or links are provided in the article.

App for Android

App for iPhone

I hope this article will help you to improve your voiceovers. The best voiceover app for TikTok is Voloco Vocal Auto Tune studio which is free and have number of effects to improve your audio.

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