How To Remove Background Noise from Audio: Easy Tutorial


Many of you are creating content on TikTok and other social media platforms. You know how much content quality is important when it comes to get views on social media. Remove background noise from audio is the mandatory step to be professional in creation.

To be professional it is very important that your video should look good but as audio is also the mandatory thing. It’s natural when you shoot a video, background noise is caught by microphone. Therefore, In this article it is to be discussed how you can remove background noise from audio.

After research an app is found which free to use, and recommended for all content creators. This is the trending app on TikTok to remove background noise.

By using the application, you cannot just remove the background noise but you can add multiple effects to your voice. Broadcast preset is also built-in the app so just click and audio will be ready. You can also remove vocals and instrumental music from song. Audio can make or waste your video.

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Let me introduce you another good feature of this application which is for singers. Like if you are a singer and you need karoke of a trending song. Then you can remove the vocals from the video as well as instrumental sounds.

How Audio should be Presented:

  • Clear Message: Always right script before you go for shoot or vocals for a video. Try to be focused on what you are saying.
  • Trimming: Use quick cuts in your audio so your audience don’t get bored.
  • No Background noise: Background noise removal is very important to be professional in content creation.
  • Matching Music and Sound effects: Use relevant music and sound effects according to your vocals.

Best App for Editing of Audio

The application name is Moises which is a Musician App with so many presets and features. This app is useful to Remove background noise from audio. This app is available on both devices Android, and iPhone. You can get this app for free from Playstore or Appstore moreover links are provided down below.

App for Android

App for iPhone

How to Remove Background Noise

There are very simple steps to remove background noise from an audio. Because this app is so convenient, so you just select your audio and apply the filter. Rest of the work, the app will do itself.

  1. Install the app first and Import your audio.
  2. You can import your audio or record audio in the app.
  3. Now select the audio, press Remove Background Noise.
  4. It will take few seconds, there you go Noise is removed from the audio.

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To remove background noise, you can use Moises app that offer features like noise reduction, equalization, and audio cleanup. Additionally, when recording, consider using a good quality microphone. Removing background noise from audio is valuable step in content creation which will increase viewer engagement and also preset your content in a professional way.

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