How To Do Photo Editing Like iPhone in Android

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Many people out there, who use social media, are big fan of iPhone picture or video quality, everyone want photo editing like iPhone, that’s reality, lets agree on that. So, What if I tell you that you can edit like iPhone?

It would be exciting for you guys, to edit like iPhone on your Android, I know that. One of the main reasons, why people love iPhone photos or videos, is, its color quality. It focuses more on color rich photos and videos.

When we open iPhone camera, the most loving filter will be vivid filter, I know that, at least analytics show that many people love this filter. Not only iPhone users, but Android users also love it.

People want to get the same effect on their android phone. So, I have come up with an application that you can use to get the same iPhone vivid filter effect on your Android. So, lets get into it.

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Application Name

Almost all editing features that you will see in the iPhone, will be available in this app. So, it sounds too good to have almost all features in Android and you will be very comfortable to edit your photo like iPhone in the Android.

The app that provides you with all these features, is, “Google Photo“. I know many of you people will have interacted with this app before. But, many of them dont even know about its editing features.

So, this is what we will be looking into in this article, like editing features of Google Photo and applying its vivid filter on your photo to get iPhone look.

Get App For Photo Editing Like iPhone

This app is available for both iPhone and android. But we will stick to its Android use only because we want to get this effect on Android. Here is the link to download this app:

App for Android

Download and install this app on your android phone.

Use iPhone Vivid Filter

Start To Do Photo Editing Like iPhone

Many of you have already used Google Photo, right? But almost all of them have never interacted with its editing features. So, lets look into its editing features that we can use to get iPhone look for our photo.

Before going further into this, make sure to download this app on your phone and also make sure to install it.

Once done, just follow these steps down below:

  1. Open this app on your phone.
  2. You will see all of your photos and videos in this app. Select photo you want to edit.
  3. After that, you will see edit options, click it.
  4. Now, at very left side, you will see “Filters” option, press it.
  5. You will see vivid filter also, you can press and use it.
  6. You can press adjust to see more editing options. And here you go, your photo will now look like iPhone vivid filter.

These are some of simple steps to get this crazy iPhone like photo in your Android phone also. I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions, just leave it in comments, I will get back as soon as possible.

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