How to Write Urdu Captions on Video

Write urdu captions Hamza APK

Many people don’t  know how to write Urdu captions on video. Now I’ll tell you about two things which you can use to apply Urdu captions or lyrics on your video. The one is application and other is font file.

Urdu font and InShot are used for Urdu captions or lyrics on video.

Urdu captions are very important when it comes to poetry videos or song lyrics videos. These types of videos are very trendy and get good reach on social media. People create these types of videos for social media platforms.

Users save that videos and put them on WhatsApp status. That is the reason why people are searching for an application that can write Urdu caption on video.

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InShot: The Advance Video Editing Application:

InShot is a very well known mobile video editing app.  In this app, you can trim, cut, merge and all of the basic features. As well as  you can improve your video or photo quality. Moreover you can select and apply any sound on you video. Some of main features are given below:

  • Enhance with Effects, Filters and Transitions: Enhance your videos with cool effects, filters and transitions using the InShot app. Try out different effects to make your video look awesome and unique. There are plenty of choices even you like old fashioned filters or trendy transitions. These cool features not only make your video look better but also help set the right mood or vibe for your content.
  • Express with Stickers, Emojis and Text: You can add fun and personality to your videos and photos with stickers, emojis and text in InShot. InShot has lots of stickers and emojis to pick whether you want to add a funny twist, share a message or just make things more interesting. You can also play around with different fonts, sizes, colours and animations for your text that gives you endless ways to get creative.
  • Fine tune Adjustments: Take full control of how your videos and photos look using the adjustment tools in the app. You can adjust things like brightness, contrast and saturation to make them just right. You can also fine tune details like highlights, shadows and clarity to make your media look amazing. These adjustments help to make sure your videos and photos are clear, colourful and look great overall.
  • Create Smooth Slow-Motion: Make regular moments look super cool by slowing them down with smooth effects in InShot. It is easy to adjust the speed of your videos with simple controls. This app helps you to enjoy every moment in slow motion even you want to show off a cool move or focus on tiny details
  • Simple Rotation and Flipping: You can easily adjust how your videos and photos look with rotation of inShot app and flipping tools. Fix tilted shots, try different angles or add a fun twist without any problem. Just tap a few times to rotate, flip or mirror your media until it looks perfect.
  • Make Cool Photo Collages: You can make fun with creating awesome photo collages right in the InShot app. Choose from lots of layouts and options to arrange your photos in cool ways. Whether you are sharing lots of fun moments or telling a story with your photos. Collage tools of inShot allow you to create fantastic arrangements that everyone will enjoy.
  • Change Backgrounds: You can give your videos and photos a fresh look by changing the background with InShot. Swap out a dull background for something exciting or smoothly transition between scenes easily. You can make your content attractive and bring your ideas to life with lots of background options available.

This application is available on both devices Android and iOS. You can install the app from Playstore or Appstore or links are provided here in the article:

InShot for Android

InShot for iPhone

Now after installing the application you will need a font file which can be imported into the InShot. You will write the Urdu lyrics or captions according to your need.

Get the Font File

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How to Write Urdu captions on video

I will tell you how to apply Urdu captions or lyrics on your video step by step. Method is given below:

  • Install the InShot app: Start by downloading and installing the InShot mobile application on your device. You can find it on both the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices. Simply search for InShot and follow the lead to install it on your device.
  • Access Urdu fonts: Once you have successfully installed the InShot app then launch it on your device. Navigate to the settings or options menu where you can access the font settings in the app. Look for the option to add additional fonts and select Urdu fonts from the available choices. This step make sures that you can include Urdu text in your edits.
  • Select your media: After adding Urdu fonts then you are ready to start editing. Choose whether you want to edit a photo or a video from the gallery of your device. InShot allows you to work with both types of media that gives you flexibility in your editing process. Browse through your gallery and select the photo or video that you wish to edit.
  • Customize text: It is time to add Urdu captions or lyrics with your media selected. in the editing interface. Locate the text tool or option in the editing interface which is usually represented by a “T” icon. Tap on it to add text to your photo or video. You can adjust different aspects of the text including font size, style and colour to suit your preferences. Additionally, you can type directly into the text box or paste text from your clipboard containing the Urdu captions or lyrics you want to include.
  • Adjust timing and duration: Once you have added the Urdu text then you can further make better to its appearance and timing. InShot allows you to apply the captions or lyrics at specific points in your video or photo and it ensures they appear exactly when you want them to. You can adjust the timing and duration of the text overlays to arrange them with the content of your media.
  • Export your creation: Now your video or photo is ready to be exported after finalizing your edits. Look for the export or save option within the interface of this app. When you export your edited media then InShot will automatically save the finalized version to the gallery of your device. Then you can access and share your creation with others as desired.

By following these detailed steps you can effectively use the InShot app to add Urdu captions or lyrics to your photos and videos, creating engaging and personalized content.

I hope this article will be very useful for you. Urdu captions are very important when it comes to get viral on social media. You can create amazing content on short media platforms by using InShot app. If you have any query you can ask in comment section.

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