How to Convert Normal Photo To Portrait Shot 2024

Convert normal photo to portrait Hamza APK

Portrait shots are known for their stunning appearance with the main subject in sharp focus while the background appears beautifully blurred. Typically captured using DSLR cameras many smartphones now offer this feature as well. However, if you have an older photo that was not taken in portrait mode but you like to achieve that same effect.

This is where the magic of apps like ReLens comes into play. Even if your original photo was not shot in portrait mode but ReLens can transform it into a portrait style shot easily. By taking benefits of its advanced features such as depth sensing and AI technology this app can isolate the subject from the background and apply a pleasing blur effect.

It is giving your photo that coveted Portrait Look. Whether it is an old picture from your camera roll or a recent snapshot. This app offers a easy solution for converting normal photos into stunning portrait shots that is allowing you to add a touch of professional ability to your images effortlessly.

If you are here to learn how to convert normal photo to portrait shot then you will get an app that can be used to do so. Many of you have the mobile devices that also not capable of shotting in Portrait mode. But there are many application for android and iPhone devices that can convert a normal shot to Portrait shot in seconds.

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How this works?

  • Open the ReLens app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Choose a photo from your gallery that you want to enhance.
  • The Artificial Intelligence (AI) of this app will analyze the photo and detect its edges and separated the background from the main object.
  • The Artificial Intelligence will automatically Blur the Background that gives your photo a professional touch.
  • You can also Change the Background of the photo using the features of this app.
  • Save the edited photo to the gallery of your device or share it with others directly from the app.
  • That’s it! You have successfully used the ReLens App to enhance your photo quality by using AI technology.

ReLens can convert Normal photo to Portrait

ReLens app has the best and advance features. You can enhance your photo quality, convert normal photo to portrait shot, retouches and much more. This app is basically based on Artificial Intelligence that is capable of doing advance photo editing.

If you have a photo that is shot blur means shot is not clear then you can enhance it on a single click. Or you have a picture clicked from a picture you can enhance it. This app can give the natural look to the photo.

You have a normal camera phone that cannot shot good photos. Then you can also use this app to shot and edit your photos in HD quality.

You can Convert your normal photos to Portraits.

Some Features of ReLens App

There are some advance features that make this app so popular on social media:

  1. Create Magic AI Avatars: You have the ability to generate captivating AI avatars that add a touch of magic to your digital person with this app.
  2. Enhance Image Quality: You can use the features of this app to enhance the quality of your images, making them clearer, sharper and more visually appealing.
  3. Instant Portrait Conversion: User can change normal photos into stunning portrait shots with just a simple click and you can also add depth effect to enhance the quality of your images without any effort.
  4. Restore Old Photos: This app allows you to make old black and white photos to make their look better thatΒ  brings you back happy memories.
  5. Flexible Resolution Adjustment: You can easily adjust the resolution of your images to your specific requirements that ensure they meet the standards you desire for printing, sharing or displaying on different platforms.
  6. Background Replacement: Change the background of your photos without any resistance whether you want to transport yourself to a different location or create a unique atmosphere for your images.

This app is available on both devices Android and iOS. That means this app can be installed from Play Store or App Store or links given in the article:

App for Android

App for iPhone

These are some steps to download this app from both Play Store and iOS Devices:

  • Open theΒ Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Search for “ReLens” in the search bar.
  • Tap on the app called “ReLens AI Photo Enhancer.”
  • Tap on the “Install” button.
  • Wait for it to finish downloading and installing.
  • Once the app is installed then tap “Open” to use the app.

How to Convert Normal Photo to Portrait Shot

There are very easy and few steps that are to be followed to get DSLR Blur effect in Photos. Follow these simple steps to Convert your photo to DSLR Portrait shot:

  • Β Install the app on your device.
  • Β Open the app to access its features.
  • Look for the option labeled “DSLR Blur” and tap on it.
  • Select the Black and White Photo which you want to enhance from the gallery of your device.
  • The app will process the image and convert it to a Black and White version if needed.
  • Once the processing is complete then you will be able to choose the object or area you want to Focus on within the photo.
  • After selecting the focus area you can adjust the Intensity of the Background Blur to your liking and it gives the image a more professional and polished look.
  • Once you are satisfied with the adjustments then you can Save the edited photo to your device or share it with others directly from the app.
  • That’s it! You have Successfully Enhanced the quality of your black and white image using the feature of DSLR Blur app.

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Portrait mode is basically trendy on social media. After this mode by iPhone that was made as trend on TikTok. Therefore many of you have no iPhone but now you can convert any photo to Portrait within a click.

I hope this article will help you to edit your photos Professionally. You can enhance your photos quality or convert any photo to DSLR photo. Any question? You can comment below.

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