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iPhone vivid editing filter is the most trending on tiktok and social media. This looks so bright and amazing. Vivid filter for android is the query that is searched by most of people on internet.

If you are here to get the vivid filter for android, then you are on right place. Basically you can get the vivid effect by applying the filter. You can adjust brightness, contrast and shadows to achieve the results.

But the filter that you will find here is a preset. This preset can be applied on a single click.

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Android phones have not these settings by default. So for that you can use the filter by using the app.

VN the best Video Editor

VN is the app that is used to edit the video. Moreover, this app has all of the basic and advance features to elevate your videos. You can split, apply filters, animations, and chroma key feature.

There are multiple presets to apply on single click. You can also add basic VFX to your videos.

Sound effects are in the app, stickers like arrows and others are used to edit video. VN app is available on both devices Android and iOS. That means you can get it from Playstore and Appstore or links are given below:

App for Android

App for iPhone

VN iPhone Vivid Filter for Videos

Get the filter from the link and you will import in to the app. After importing it’s very easy to set on a video. VN app is best app that can also offer many presets to import. You can also import black video editing filter.

iPhone Vivid Editing FiIter

How to apply iPhone Vivid filter on Video

There are several steps to apply filter on a video. Follow the steps to edit:

  1. Accessing the Filter from the Article:
    • First open the article where the filter is mentioned.
    • Scroll through the article until you find the section or link that provides access to the filter.
    • Once you locate it then click on the link or follow the instructions provided in the article to obtain the filter. This may involve downloading a file or accessing a specific website.
  2. Opening the VN App and Navigating to Filters:
    • After obtaining the filter from the article then navigate to home screen of your device.
    • Locate the VN app icon and tap on it to open the app.
    • Once the VN app is open then you will typically be presented with the main interface of app. Look for the option labeled “Filters” and tap on it to access the filter library.
  3. Importing the Vivid Filter:
    • There should be an option to import or add new filters in the Filters section of the VN app.
    • Tap on this option to start the process of importing a new filter.
    • Depending on what the article says you might have to choose the file or link you got earlier to add the vivid filter to the VN app.

  4. Applying the Filter to Your Video:
    • Once the vivid filter is successfully imported into the VN app then navigate back to the main editing interface.
    • Select the video to which you want to apply the filter from the media library of your device.
    • Look for the option to apply filters to the video with the video loaded into the editing timeline of VN app.
    • Locate the vivid filter among the available options and tap on it to apply it to your video.
  5. Finalizing and Saving Your Video:
    • After applying the vivid filter to your video then take a moment to preview the changes and make sure that they meet your expectations.
    • If you are satisfied with the result then proceed to save or export your edited video.
    • There should be an option to save or export the video with the applied filter and it is depending on the interface of VN app
    • Tap on this option then follow any additional prompts or instructions provided by the app and wait for the video to be processed and saved to the storage of your device.

Once you finish these steps then your video will have the vivid filter added and will be all set to share or watch whenever you want.

Lightroom The best Photo editing App

To manipulate photos or adding color grading, Lightroom is the best application. you can have presets to edit your photos.

Trending Lightroom presets: Get Here

Lightroom is the professional app that is used to add effects and photo color grading. There are a large number of presets that are available on internet. Moreover, Lightroom Presets are also available on this website.

You can have Trending Lightroom Presets in the website. Most amazing and viral presets can be downloaded from this website. To create aesthetic photos, you can use these presets into your photos.

Lightroom is also available on Android and iPhone. So you can get the app from playstore and Appstore or links given below:

App for Android

App for iPhone

Lightroom iPhone Vivid Editing Preset for Android

Find the trending vivid editing preset mentioned in the article. Once you have it then navigate to the Presets tab within the Lightroom app. Here you will find an option to import filters. Use the provided link in the article to download the filter and this link is valid for both Android and iOS Device. The link is given below:

Lightroom Vivid Preset

How to apply Lightroom Preset on a Photo

  1. First Open the Lightroom app.
  2. After open the Lightroom App then Select your image on which you want to apply preset.
  3. Now go to Presets Tab.
  4. Then Import the vivid filter that you download from this article.
  5. After import the vivid filter then Click on the filter
  6. Thats it your filter is applied on your video.

I hope this article is helpful for you. Trending Vivid Editing is so much viral on TikTok. iPhone Vivid editing for Photos and Videos is very trendy! To do that Lightroom and VN app are the best apps that are like heaven for creators.

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